Thursday, December 1, 2011

My hockey tournament

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, one of my teams the Novi Roller Cats played in the Pond Rockets "Turkey Shootout" at JCC Rink. It was a lot of fun.

We won 3 games and lost 3 games and got to the finals but we lost. We did get medals and a cool Turkey Shootout shirt that I already wore to school.

This is a video my mom took of me playing the point and calling for the puck and then getting a shot on goal but I did not score. My mom took some pictures and even one of me in the penalty box but we are having problems getting them up.

The coach of my other team, the Novi Wings sent my dad a long email and asked if I could play on his team again and said all the plans he had for me and the team and how we were going to take it to the next level and keep winning. My dad said he was so impressed with the email that maybe I will play for the Novi Wings for the regular season and the Novi Roller Cats for tournaments. Maybe I can play for both but my dad said he thinks both teams will be in the same league. Oh well, I have jerseys for both so we will see what team I will be on.

See you later.

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