Thursday, November 24, 2011

Whalers win ten straight! My hockey tournament too!

Last night, me, my dad and Alex went to see the Whalers play the Saginaw Spirit and the Whalers won 7-3. The Whalers have now won ten straight games and it has been fun watching them.

A few games back, the Whalers were losing the whole game against the Kitchener Rangers and then scored two goals in the last two minutes and won. The crowd was going crazy. Rickard Rakell scored the game-winning goal. Rickard is from Sweden and plays on Team Sweden too. He is also drafted by the Anaheim Ducks of the NHL. I have met him and he is nice and here is a picture of me and him. He only had pink hair then for a benefit for breast cancer that week. He doesn't always have pink hair.

I have to miss a Whalers game tomorrow because my team, the Novi Roller Cats has a tournament tomorrow and Saturday. We won the last tournament at JCC Rink and we hope we win this one too.

One thing about roller hockey, I was talking to Alex Aleardi of the Whalers who is my favorite player about my roller hockey team and Alex told me that he plays roller hockey too and his team won the championship in Florida last summer so that is cool. Next week, the Whalers are having Jersey Night where everybody is supposed to wear your team hockey jersey and I am going to wear my Novi Roller Cats jersey to that game. It should be fun.

I say "Go Novi Roller Cats!" and "Go Whalers!"

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  1. Good Luck in your tournament this weekend Louie! I'm sure you will do awesome!