Sunday, November 6, 2011

Whalers, Novi Wings, Tyler Seguin and Alex's birthday

I did a lot this weekend.

Saturday, I saw the Whalers play the Windsor Spitfires. The first period did not go so good because the refs were calling a lot of penalties on the Whalers. The crowd, and me too, were booing because some of them did not look like penalties. The Whalers did not play so great but we were still cheering them. It was 2-2 at the end of regulation and it went into overtime and it was still tied so it went to a shootout. First, Stefan Noesen of the Whalers scored and we were cheering but then the next 2 Whalers did not score and then 2 Spitfires scored so we lost 3-2.

One cool thing was during the game, they announced that Tyler Seguin who was a Whaler just scored his first hat trick for the Boston Bruins and we all cheered. When Tyler was with the Whalers, I met him a lot of times and got a lot of autographs and pictures with him. Whalers fans still like him and people wear his Bruins jersey at the arena. I might get one.

During the day, Saturday my hockey team, the Novi Wings beat the first place team the Hawks who were undefeated and we beat them 7-3. Now both of our records are 5-1 and we are both tied for first place and all the kids on the team were excited in the locker room after the game. The coaches said we played excellent.

Sunday, we went to Great Lakes Crossing Mall for my brother Alex's 15th birthday. Alex does not like parties so every year we take him to a real nice big shopping mall and he can get whatever he wants and he got videos and also a Hartford Whalers NHL jersey that he said he is going to wear to Plymouth Whalers games. Since I am Alex's brother, my dad said that I could get a present too and I got an Alex Ovechkin hockey shirt and I am wearing it tomorrow to school. My hockey stick for my league is an Alex Ovechkin model so I like him. I got new tennis shoes too because I showed my mom that my old ones had a hole in them so I got some Rhino shoes but that was not a present. I got a Simpsons dvd too because my dad just decided I could have two presents.

My mom took a picture of me and Alex at the Rainforest Cafe where we had lunch and that was fun. Also we saw a restaurant called Bar Louie and we decided to get my picture taken in front of it because I am Louie.

Oh, I forgot, I met a Detroit Lion player and his name is Dylan Gandy who lives next to my friend Vlado in the next subdivision. I went to Vlado's house and Vlado said "Do you want to meet a Lions player?" and I said yes. So then we went to his next door neighbor's house and rang the doorbell and Dylan came to the door and he was really nice and talked to us and signed my football jersey. Then we played with his son Caleb. Dylan is the center for the Lions and is really nice.

It was a good weekend.


  1. Louis, it sounds like you had a great weekend. Again, I'm jealous. I had the oil changed in my van.

  2. Mark,

    You know you can change it every 5000 miles; not every 3000 miles like the manual says, right?


  3. Kevin, I think that the actual mileage was closer to 6,000.