Sunday, August 21, 2011

I went to Chicago

Me, my dad and mom and Alex went to the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago. It was pretty cool because they had a lot of booths with baseball cards and posters and all kinds of sports stuff.

I got a lot of cards of my favorite players and a Magglio Ordonez Tigers jersey which I like. We stayed in a cool hotel right across the street from the Convention Center and it had a big pool and me and my dad played catch with a football in the pool. The next day, we went to Legoland around there and I got some pretty cool lego packages. I also some mini-lego figures at the Convention and guess what? It was a baseball player lego guy in the pack and I didn't even know it was going to be because you don't know what is in the pack.

When we went to Chicago, Illinois, we drove through Indiana which was cool because I never have been to Illinois and Indiana so I had my picture taken with the Indiana sign. Now I have been to 5 states; Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Indiana and Illinois. I am going to get more states.

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