Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My vacation and hockey too

Me and my family went to the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth for July 4th. It was pretty fun.

First, we went to Bronner's Christmas Store and I got some candy.

Then on the first night, they had the fireworks and they were pretty cool. I got some red, white and blue light up glasses. Before it was real dark, someone lit off a real loud M-80 and it made a big boom and smoke cloud. It was a little scary because we did not expect it. We don't know what happened with the person who lit that off.

The next day, I ran a 2k running race. 2k is 1.2 miles. Before the race, my dad bought me a special yellow running shirt and I really like it. I ran the race in 11 minutes and 2 seconds. My dad ran just a little with me but I said I wanted to cross the finish line by myself so he did not end the race with me. There is one picture of me finishing the race but there are a few barricades in front of me. There is another picture of me with my red face after the race because I was tired.

Then I did some swimming with Alex and we also played miniature golf which is inside the resort.

I also got 677 tickets in the game room because I hit the jackpot on a game. I cashed them in for some pretty good prizes. The best were sandals and a German hat.

Also my hockey team, the Orange Crush ended our season with 3 wins and 9 losses. That is not really great but what is great is that the coach from the Novi Roller Cats who are the best team around and in a higher league asked my parents if I would like to join their team and we said yes and this is going to be great. I got 11 goals in 11 games for the Orange Crush and the coach told me I was the leading scorer so now I will be moving up.

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