Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two fun Whaler games

I went to see the Whalers play Friday and Saturday. They won both games and both games I went with the Kids Club to the Whalers dressing room to slap hands with the players before the game and that was cool. No parents. Just kids.

Friday the Whalers played the Owen Sound Attack. After the game, an Attack player punched Tom Wilson of the Whalers when he was not looking and knocked him down. Then everybody on the ice was fighting and it took a long time for the referees to stop it. We sit right next to the visitors tunnel and a lot of fans from the arena came over to our section to stand by the tunnel railing to boo the Attack players when they were leaving the ice. Some players were yelling at the fans and one player was swinging his stick but he did not hit anybody.

Saturday the Whalers played the London Knights and it was Teddy Bear Toss Night. This is when the fans bring a teddy bear to the game and they throw it on the ice after the Whalers score their first goal. Then the Whalers give the bears to kids that don't have bears. The Whalers scored after only a few minutes and we threw our bears. Alex's bear hit the glass and didn't make it but someone picked it up and threw it on the ice. My bear didn't make it either but someone else threw it on the ice. One guy had a big box of bears and he walked over to the glass and poured about 20 bears on the ice. Some people got there late and threw their bears after the Whalers second goal. It was fun. A couple years ago, the Whalers did not score until just about the end of the game so we had to hold our bears the whole game.

I put up a picture of Alex Aleardi who scored 2 goals against London. I like Alex because he lives in Michigan and not too far from our house. Most Whalers are from Canada. Alex gave me a Whaler puck during warmups and I like that. He is starting to be one of my favorite players.

My dad really helped me a lot with this one because I had a lot I wanted to say.


  1. Louis I love the pictures of the teddy bears flying through the air and all over the ice. This will help to make many boys and girls very happy! Love Auntie Carolyn

  2. Aunt Carolyn,

    It was a lot of fun.

    I can't think of too much more to say.

    Oh, I know. We have two parties at the same time Saturday. Dad and Alex will be coming to your place but I am going to miss Uncle Chris birthday party because I will be at the Christmas party at our house so that is why I wont be there.