Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our playoff hockey game

Yesterday, my hockey team the Blue Devils played in the first round of the playoffs. We changed our team name from the Atoms to the Blue Devils because our jerseys are blue.

Some really good players from our team could not make it because they were on Christmas vacation but we got a kid named Brian to help us out and he was pretty good. We played a very good team called the Sharks and lost 8-3. We did our best and the Sharks also have a very good goalie but the last time we played them they did not have the same goalie and we beat them. The new season starts in January and I am going to play again.

The Whalers are on a long road trip and then the league takes a Holiday break so we won't see a game until January. I decided to put up a picture of me and James Livingston and Ryan Hayes of the Whalers. I got it taken at a restaurant and then I took it to a game and had them both sign it. Part of the autographs are on the jersey so it is a little hard to see.

Today, I am going with the Cub Scouts to see the Red Wings play the Dallas Stars. Just me and mom and the Cub Scouts. No dad and Alex. I want to see James Neal of the Stars who played on the Whalers. This summer, I met him at the Whaler alumni game and I got him to autograph a hockey card and a puck. James is a pretty good player and he is nice.

That is it for now.

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