Sunday, December 12, 2010

I had a good weekend and the Whalers won too!

I did a lot of stuff this weekend.

Friday, we saw the Whalers play the Seault Saint Marie Greyhounds. The Whalers won 5-2. I put up a picture of Mitchell Heard because before the game, he gave me a Whalers puck and then he scored a goal during the game. I like Mitchell Heard. The Whalers also won Saturday but I couldn't go.

Saturday, I had a roller hockey game and we won 10-9 and we won with a goal with 1 second left in the game. The parents were really cheering. I am starting to take face offs and play forward more and the coach said I will be doing that more. Next week is the playoffs but we have some really good players gone for Christmas vacation so I hope we do well.

Saturday night, we had a Christmas party at my house and my mother's family came over. I played football in the snow with my cousins, Cody and Austin. They are teenagers but that is ok and it was fun. Austin plays quarterback for Bad Axe High School so he is pretty good.

Sunday, my friend Sammi came over and we went snowboarding in our back yard. Sammi is a girl but she likes to do boy things. She is a tomboy. We have a big hill in our backyard and we slide down it and it goes down to the woods. We also had a snowball fight. It was fun.

That is all for now.

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