Friday, November 26, 2010

My vacation so far

My Thankgiving vacation is going pretty good so far.

Wednesday we went to see the Whalers play the Saginaw Spirit and the Whalers won 3-0. I am in the Whalers Kids Club and when I signed in my name before the game to tell them I was there for the prize drawing, the girl said to come back at 6:50 if you want to because all Kids Club Members were invited to go to the tunnel oustide the Whalers locker room to slap hands with the players as they were walking to the ice. I slapped hands with all of them and my favorite, Scott Wedgewood who is the goalie. My dad helps me with the pictures here and we found one of Scott.

Us kids were screaming "Let's go Whalers" in the tunnel before they came out because they were playing a tough team. Just us kids. No parents were allowed but some teenagers were there. We are going Saturday too and I hope I see my Kids Club friends; especially Jacob and Joey.

Yesterday we had Thanksgiving at my Grandma Rose's house. We brought our new dog so my cousins could see her and they liked her. Even grandpa did. My Uncle Derrick gave me some comic books and baseball cards.

We ate and then I saw pictures of my Aunt Carolyn's Hawaii trip on her Ipad. She let me play a game called "Angry Birds" on it. It was fun.

That is it for now.

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