Friday, September 3, 2010

We got Guitar Hero Aerosmith!

I have been playing it for a few weeks and getting better. I have gotten to "medium" mode.

During slow parts of the song, I like to dance around.

My favorite songs on the game are Cat Scratch Fever and All the Young Dudes. One of my dad's favorite songs ever is All the Young Dudes.

My friend Michael went to see Aerosmith a few days ago. I asked my dad since Michael saw Aerosmith, could I see Kiss because I like them. He checked but the show is the same day as the Michigan State football game that we are going to. He said we can go see a show by someone next summer but it has to be ok for kids.

Schools starts Monday and my parents took me to meet my regular teacher, Mrs. Israel and she is nice. I have two other teachers for special teaching and they are Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Schilling. I had Mrs. Stephens last year for special teaching. She is deaf and cannot hear but she can read your lips and has a special ear device. After my dad had a meeting with her for the very first time, after the meeting he did not even know she was deaf.

See you next post.

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