Sunday, August 15, 2010

I won a Lugnuts jersey!

Saturday, me and my dad went to see the Lansing Lugnuts play the Fort Wayne Tin Caps.

We did not know it but it was Lugnuts Charities Night at the park. They were auctioning off the jerseys that the Lugnut players were wearing that night and the money went to charity.

I asked my dad if we could bid on a jersey and he said yes. We bid on #18 who is Kenny Wilson who plays left field. Then later we found out that we won.

After the game and before the fireworks, they brought all the winning fans on the field to get the jerseys and me and my dad went down. The stands were still full with people waiting for the fireworks.

The fans lined up on the third base line and the players lined up on the first base line. Then the announcer said over the loudspeaker, "Players take off your jerseys". Then they called out the name of the fan and the player for each jersey and one by one, they walked to home plate to meet. They called my dad's name and we both walked to home plate and met Kenny Wilson at the plate and he gave us a jersey and the Lugnuts took a picture of us at home plate.

When we were leaving the field, the owner of the Lugnuts said, "Thank you for donating to Lugnut Charities".

When we got under the stands we had to give the jersey to Kenny so that he could wear it for the rest of his games but after the season is over, we are going to pick it up and take it home and then it will be mine.

It was cool to meet the player, Kenny Wilson and go on the Lugnuts field.


  1. Louis, very special story. You've got a cool dad.

    Are you going to get it signed after the season?

  2. Mr. Mark,

    The jersey is black but maybe he could sign the number on the back.