Sunday, June 6, 2010

Go Blackhawks!

I am watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I want the Blackhawks to win. The Blackhawks are beating the Flyers 5-2 in the second period. My dad told me to wait until the game is over to post this but I am too excited so I am doing it now. My favorite player is Kane and I remember watching him in the OHL against the Whalers. I also want the Blackhawks to win because my uncle Ryan who was a good hockey player lives in Chicago.

Alex wants the Flyers to win.

Also me, my dad and Alex went to see Lansing Lugnuts today. I did not catch a ball but I caught a flying hot dog from the hot dog gun on the field. A note on it said to trade it in for a fresh hot dog at the concession stand so that is what I did. I stood in line by myself but my dad watched.

P.s. this is dad. He is not going to be able to watch the end of the game as it is late and he has school in the morning so the timing here worked out. I lost track of time when I was talking to him.

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