Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My favorite team

My favorite team is the Plymouth Whalers and they play in the Ontario Hockey League.

We go to a lot of games.

Alex and I stand at the tunnel before the game and before each period with other people to welcome the Whalers to the ice and get high-fives. Most of the players know us and say "Hi! How is it going?" They give us special Whalers pucks. I think we have 11 and we got some signed.

My favorite players are Tyler Seguin who scored the most points in the league and the goalie Scott Wedgewood. Seguin gives me a lot of pucks and signed shirts. In the picture, Tyler is signing my jersey.

I asked my dad if he would ask Scott Wedgewood if he would be our Facebook friend and Wedgewood said yes. Seguin and Wedgwood are going to the NHL draft.

In one picture you can see me on the rail holding my hand out to Wedgewood.

We are going to Whalers games next year too. My dad says that Alex has been going since before I was born.

Let's Go Whalers! Thats what the fans say there.

Oh,the coaches give us high fives too.

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