Wednesday, August 6, 2014

EA could make a better NHL 15

NHL video games are a lot of fun for me but sometimes they give me frustration which I do not like.

There are some thing EA could change to there NHL games to make them better. One, they have to change the computer penalties. If you do not know what that is, it is that the computer takes the penalty not you so it is kind of unfair especially on hockey HUT team. A HUT team is one that you make yourself and play against people online. So the computer penalties got to go.

Another one is there is way too much fighting and not the I don't like fighting in games but there is just way too much of it in this game. There is fighting like all the time. If you hit someone, you fight! I know that in the real NHL they fight a lot but not like every minute. EA has to stop with that.

 EA also has to make that if you have a NHL or even a lower league on HUT, they never catch a pass even if you play with NHL players. Sometime I go to OHL games and high school hockey games and they catch the puck. Even my pee wee team catches passes! Don't know what they are doing there!

That is really all for these "make better tips" for NHL 15. I really hope they change some of these. I am really starting to hate some of these problems a lot. My team in HUT is going like 6-10 because of these things! I really hope they change these in an  update or in NHL 15.

Thanks for reading!

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