Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey I scored two goals "bar down" with my new stick today!

I am on a new hockey team Mission and we played our first game at JCC today. I like the team. They are fun. I got a new stick the day before. It is a CCM RBZ.

My new coach said he lets his defensemen rush the net and shoot at the goal which is cool because my other teams all kept us defensemen back and we cannot get shots on net. We lost the game 6-4 but I scored the first goal "bar down" which is a cool way to score and hard because you have to shoot hard and hit the top bar and then the pucks ricochets down into the goal. It was funny because on the way down it hit off the goalie's helmet. Then later I got another goal and it was "bar down" too. I was pretty happy. I got an assist too. I posted a copy of the box score which has my name next to the goals and assists.

I am liking my new team and will probably stay with them until my old one Alkali Arsenal starts up again for the tournaments next year. I saw the schedule and the National Championship is in Fort Meyers, Florida so it will be cool to play there if I make the team again.

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