Friday, April 19, 2013

Alkali Arsenal are the State Wars Midwest 10 year old Champs!

You know me, I play roller hockey and as I said in my other post one of the teams I am on is a tournament team which is Alkali Arsenal and they are a 10 year old team. Last weekend, we played in the State Wars Midwest tournament. Most of our regular players missed it because they had an ice hockey tournament but we got some other players and I made some new roller hockey friends.

Well let's get on with this. My dad said this was kind of long but I said I wanted to tell the whole story so here it is. Our first game was at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning against the Mission Border Cats from Rochester. I played well and guarded my zone and nobody got by. I did have one rush but I got knocked and pinned into the boards so I didn't score. We won that game 8-0. The mercy rule for State Wars is 8 goals. We are used to 10 goals in our league. We played the Detroit Mission Stars in the second game. They are good and they win tournaments and this was their home rink. They had a lot of fans there. We won the second game 11-3 and it was stopped on mercy rule. Their coach was not happy. I did not have any rushes in this game but the Detroit Mission Stars have a really good kid with a green helmet and I stopped him lots of times. The third game was against the Farm Tough Mission Border Cats from Wisconsin. We played really good in that game and beat them 8-0. I am a defenseman so I don't get many shots but in that game, I shot a few long shots on net hoping for a goal or a rebound but none went in for me. That was the end of the Saturday games for us.

Sunday, in the fourth game we played the championship game against the Detroit Mission Stars. This one was a lot closer than our first game and we won 4-3. Our goalie, Nick was really good probably because he was warmed up as he had come from an ice hockey game. It was crazy near the end because it was 4-3 and they wanted to pull their goalie and get an extra attacker but we kept putting the puck in their zone and they never could pull the goalie. We saw the kid with the green helmet on the bench getting ready to come on but he could never get on because their goalie couldn't get off. Then time ran out and we won the championship. After we went to the basketball court because we were playing at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse and Joe Dumars was a famous basketball player. That is where we got our trophies and are medals. The Detroit Mission Stars got their runner-up trophy and medals first and then we got ours and Ryan got the MVP award. I knew I was not going to be the MVP because I am a stay-at-home defenseman who mostly plays in the defensive zone but that is ok. Then we got our pictures taken and they got put on the State Wars website.

I have played tournaments before with other teams but this was the first with Alkali Arsenal and it was really fun. We have another tournament at the same rink at the end of April and I bet that will be fun too. I will play in any tournament for any team if I am asked.

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