Sunday, December 4, 2011

Whalers Teddy Bear Toss and Novi Wings are tied for first place

I had a good hockey weekend.

First, my team the Novi Wings beat the Black Atoms 7-3. I did not score but I hit the post twice. We are 8-1 and tied for first place with the Hawks and we play them next week and then we go to the playoffs.

I also saw the Whalers play Friday and Saturday and they won both games. Friday, they played the Soo Greyhounds and they were losing the whole game. With one minute to go, the Whalers were losing by one and they pulled their goalie to get an extra skater. Garrett Muers scored with 33 seconds left in the game to tie the game and then in overtime, Garrett scored the game winner and the Whalers won 4-3. We were cheering like crazy! I put up the picture of Garrett right after he scored the game winner. Garrett is nice and came to my school before and here is a picture of him and me in my class. He always slaps my hand at the tunnel at games too.

Saturday was Teddy Bear Toss night and everybody brings a teddy bear and when the Whalers score their first goal, everybody throws their bear on the ice and then the Whalers give them to needy kids. Alex Aleardi scored in the first period and me and Alex through our bears on the ice and everybody else did too. It was fun and the Whalers beat the Guelph Storm 7-5.

Oh, another thing. The Whalers have a mascot who is called Shooter the Killer Whale. My dad says that Shooter knows who I am because he comes up to me every game in my seat and messes with me. Friday, I was sitting in my seat and I did not know that Shooter snuck up behind me because I was watching the game. Then he surprised me and from behind he gave me a big bear hug. I thought it was Alex bothering me so I turned around a smacked him hard but then I saw it was Shooter and not Alex. I said I was sorry to Shooter and he wasn't mad because he came up to me again Saturday in my seat and he was messing with me again. I did not punch him then because he is cool.

Our usher, Dave is pretty cool too. He says a lot of funny things to me. Sometimes I like to stand and cheer because it is fun. I was standing Saturday and cheering and Dave screamed "Hey sit down! You are blocking the people behind you!". But there was nobody sitting or standing behind me and it was just a joke. Dave also showed me pictures of his pet dog, Cleo and he looks like a good dog. He is a friendly pit bull.

I want the Whalers and the Novi Wings to keep winning!

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