Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas vacation

My Christmas vacation has been pretty good.

My best present is an Ipod Touch and I have been playing Angry Birds and Oregon Trail and they are fun. Angry Birds is a game where you throw birds at pigs who stole your eggs. Oregon Trail is a game about history and the old days.

I went to my Uncle Mark's house for Christmas and they had a backyard ice hockey rink set up and I played with my cousins and played some goalie. It was fun. My mom took some pictures and she is working on getting them up so maybe I can put them up here.

We were supposed to go to Florida yesterday but the flight did not work out because of weather and we couldn't get another flight for a few days so we can't go now. Our plane was supposed to come from an area where there was a bad storm so it couldn't come. That is ok because we will probably now go to Florida in June.

Now that I am home we might do something special because my mom was pretty mad about this. And now that we are home, we will probably go to two Plymouth Whaler games and that will be fun.

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  1. I'm sorry your trip to Disney had to be postponed! I know you were excited to go but sometimes things happen for a reason. I hear they closed the parks because too many people were there. You will probably have more fun when it's not so busy, and I'm happy everyone is safe.

    I love the picture of you playing hockey. What a nice rink in your uncle's back yard for you to enjoy.

    Auntie Carolyn