Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whalers Alumni Game

Yesterday, me, Alex and my dad went to the Plymouth Whalers Alumni Game. This is when all the Whalers who went to the NHL come back to Plymouth to play each other in a friendly game.

Before the game, the players met the fans and we got cards, programs and pucks signed. They had about 30 players. I met every player and they were all nice. My dad and me were also talking to the Whalers announcer.

Here are some pictures of guys I met who I really like: Dave Legwand, Justin Peters, James Neal, Jared Boll, Chad Larose and James Wiesnewski.

When I gave them the 2007 Whalers Championship program to sign, some of them said "That was a great year!" When I gave them their NHL team pucks to sign, they said, "I like this puck!"

Me and Alex also slapped hands with all the players in the tunnel before and after the game.

I told my dad I want to go every year and he said ok.

For my All Star Game baseball pictures, my dad said we are having computer problems and they have to call someone to fix it for the photos to be put up but he said we will.

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  1. Sounds like you had a really good time!! :)