Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I have been doing

My mom took me to the library and I got the movie "Up".

The movie was great!

My favorite part was when the girl and the boy made a club and the boy's balloon went to the attic so the girl showed him where attic was.

There were two holes but there was a bridge which was old and the girl said "go on". The boy was at the middle and smiled but then fell.

It had a great ending.

I went to the Tiger game with my dad today. It was the "Christmas in July" game. Santa Claus was there with a lot of elves and he threw out the first pitch. Paws was dressed up in a Santa suit. They let groups of kids on the field with Santa hats. The announcers had big Christmas stockings with their names on it hanging from their booth. They also played Christmas songs all game long. We were singing "Let it snow".

The Tigers won too. The score was 5-2.

I like a player named Jose Valverde because he celebrates after the last pitch and is good.

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