Monday, May 24, 2010

My Babe Ruth card

My brother, Alex has a Babe Ruth card. I like it because he is wearing a crown. He will not trade it to me for anything. I told my dad we should look for a Babe Ruth card. We went to a card show but could not find one but I did get a Penguins bobblehead. Then my dad got me two Babe Ruth cards on ebay. Here is the picture of one of them. I like the card. Go #3!

We had our first game tonight. We are the LSU Tigers and played the Alabama Crimson Tide. We have uniforms and hats with the college mascots on them. We lost but I got 3 hits and I could hear my family cheering for me.

Next game is Wednesday. I don't know who we play but the Georgia Bulldogs and Arkansas Razorbacks were playing after us so maybe one of them.

Our uniforms are a lot better than last year. Dad said last year was a city league and this year is a private pony league.

I like everybody on my team.

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