Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hi again

I have been going to baseball games.

Today I saw the Toledo Mud Hens and I got autographs on my Mud Hen jersey, my program and also on a ball. They won 6-5.

I also have been going to Tiger games. We saw them play the Angels and the Tigers won 10-4. We saw Brennan Boesch hit his very first ever home run and it was a grand slam.

I am practicing for my baseball team. Our team is the Tigers and we start playing on May 24th.

Thank you for coming on my site.


  1. Louis,

    What position do you play on your team?

    I'm jealous. I never played sports when I was growing up. I was the statistician for the High School gymnastics team, though.


  2. Mr. Aubrey,

    I am talking but my dad is doing the typing. I can type but really slow but fast sometimes.

    We rotate positions so everybody can learn the position. Maybe at the end of the year, we will have positions.

    My brother did gymnastics but they didn't keep score I don't think.

    Thank you for coming.